The Device

The Epinavigator features an airtight compartment with a display screen designed to alert the provider when the space is reached. The device is designed to provide providers with realtime, objective feedback from the pressure-sensing mechanism within so that they are able to reach the correct space while administering an epidural.

The EpiNavigator

Featuring sterilizable or disposable versions, recyclable electronics, increased safety, and ease of use. No ultrasound required.

It fits securely onto the tip of the current epidural needle without requiring the usage of the syringe that’s used during the current administration method. The provider simply has to attach the device and advance the needle. The screen will alert them when they can stop advancing, thus indicating that the epidural space has successfully been reached. The device also does not require the usage of ultrasound technology which keeps costs low and allows for sterilization.The laboratory-tested device effectively reduces the 17% failure rate of epidurals, therefore increasing patient safety, restoring patient faith in this medical procedure, and alleviating the stress that punctures generate for hospitals and providers.

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Feedback in realtime. Locate the correct space.